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About Us

The Exiled Saints motorcycle club was formed by several men who decided to leave an existing LE/MC. We felt that there was a need for a club who clearly understood the meaning of the words HONOR, LOYALTY, and BROTHERHOOD. We decided to exile ourselves from the M/C world and conduct a search for like-minded people. After several months of searching, a group of police officers, veterans, and friends bonded and formed the EXILED SAINTS LE/MC. This happened in September 2010.

The Exiled Saints LE/MC is a family oriented club that enjoys riding hard, socializing and celebrating our BROTHERHOOD. We wear a three piece patch because we can and we respect all who respect us. Members of the ESLEMC all share a strong commitment to the values of law enforcement - on and off duty. We are not 1%'ers and those who commit to the ESLEMC do not tolerate any activity which discredits the law enforcement profession or the ESLEMC. We do not support or answer to any other club, however we respect all clubs that extend the hand of friendship. We do not claim territory. Our club does not provide for the financial livelihood of our members nor do our members profit from club sponsored events. The ESLEMC is a non-profit organization incorporated under the laws of our state and our club name.

Our Colors

Our colors consist of a 3-piece patch identifying us as a motorcycle club. The top rocker is our club name, the bottom rocker shows the state in which the particular chapter is located.

Our center patch consists of a screaming skull with a dagger through it. The skull represents our fallen heroes. The dagger represents tools of the trade used to defend ourselves and others while performing our duties in Law Enforcement and the Military. The shield and wings which are attached to the dagger represent Saint Michael, the Patron Saint of Police.

We are first and foremost a Law Enforcement club, therefore we use blue and silver to represent the uniform and badge.

Our Mission

Promote Honor, Loyalty and Brotherhood among our members and associates
Support our communities through patronage, charitable and community events
Promote and support the law enforcement profession
Foster respectful relationships with other like minded clubs

Have Fun!


The Exiled Saints LE/MC consists of members of Law Enforcement, Public Safety, Military, and a select group of friends.

For more information on starting or joining a chapter of the Exiled Saints LE/MC, visit our "Chapters" page for your local chapter or send us a message on our "Contact" page.


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